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The Sun King

At the turn of the millennium a few people, including myself, had extraordinary dreams. I had the honor of talking with two such women about their dreams in 2004. They were extraordinary dreams by extraordinary dreamers. I felt what gave these women this power was an inherent inclination – a gift – but also their situation in life. They are both women with children and large close families. Both are just beginning to enter the next phase of life (entering the third phase of the Triple Goddess; maiden, mother, wise woman). And there was something in the world between 1993 and 2005. They both live close to nature. Both of these women were in the Anglosphere – one Australian and one Canadian – and my own feeling was that perhsps because they are from non-revolutionary societies that their dreams are improved. Revolution breaks with the ancestors. Another woman I met at that time with this same gift was German but I did not share in her dreams. Scanning a few dream sites on-line briefly it was noticeable that Australians had extraordinary dreams with a greater frequency. This is one of the dreams by one of the gifted dreamers. Miss3 had this dream a few years before but it was still vivid to her. . . . it was not so much as God left us it is said somewhere, but we left God. Miss3’s dream brings a primal encounter.

June 30, 2004

Miss3: I was living with a tribe in a time before the appearance of the sun. We lived in permanent dusk. I had had a dream of a beautiful globe of light rising in the sky and tried to tell the other tribe members of this beautiful globe that gave colour to our land, awakening the darkness. But the members thought I was crazy and sent me to a hut outside the village. Night after night I had the vision until one night I knew this was it, the beautiful globe would rise. I ran out of my hut to a clearing at the center of the village and I began pounding the earth with my feet and dancing in a circle mournfully chanting "I am dying, I am dying," repeatedly. (I was chanting in a different language, but I knew what I was singing.) The villagers had gathered around me, thinking I'd really lost it when suddenly the sun began to rise before me. As it rose in the sky so did all the land become illuminated and the colours of the land were made visible and vibrant. By then all the villagers were gathered around me in a circle, they stood silently, in awe and some even had tears in their eyes. Then in the background I heard some festive sounds approaching me and the crowd parted and coming towards me was this figure all draped in beautiful silks of blue and gold. The figure had both a male and female torso and a common set of legs. They held instruments and gifts which they bestowed upon me. Then within the dream I awoke (in another dream) and was teaching a class of elementary students. I had been retelling this story to them and they suggested we act it out. They played the roles of the villagers and I played the part I had in the dream. I was in the center chanting the mournful tune when I noticed that school officials were standing at the door watching. (I'm not sure but I think the dream ends here.)

I thought that the God/Goddess figure might be from Hinduism, but I can't find the right image. The one figure seems to be growing from the other's belly.

Flyingsnake: “…school officials standing at the door watching.” In William Butler Yeats’ book on Irish folklore, the fairies and wee folk all dance with the common people in the valley until the priest shows up, then the fairies disappear. The priest never sees them. Like in your dream. This is a sacred dream and important to the rest of us – important to the world. Do you know Black Elk’s writings? I see Black Elk's visions as those of the end of the old and the beginning of the new. Black Elk writes of being in the center of the world and having a cosmic vision of the future: “Then when the many little voices ceased, the great Voice said: “Behold the circle of the nation’s hoop, for it is holy, being endless, and thus all powers shall be one power in the people without end. Now they shall break camp and go forth upon the red road, and your Grandfathers shall walk with them.” - from Black Elk Speaks. It is a dream of one-world unificaiton, the world being unified by “the red road” – the Native American shaman’s vision – “and your Grandfathers shall walk with them” – the whites and the others who came to this continent, will inherit the spirit guides of the Indians. Wabikimi, the forest center of Canada is in fact such a spot, the center of the world where the Eastern world now meets the Western world across the North American continent (so are the Great Lakes – the Manitou). In Western astrology the age that we entered in January 2001, known as Aquarius, it is marked by the rise of the Sun King. Your dream seems to be a prayer to the rising millennium. You must read Black Elk if you have not. As anthropologist Vine Deloria has said, “If any great religious classic has emerged in this century or on this continent, it must certainly be judged in the company of Black Elk Speaks.” I read your dream as a prayer and a sacred dance, of the same quality and spiritual force as Black Elk’s visions. Note: Jung also had an Indian guide, a chief of the Taos Pueblos named Mountain Lake who said to Jung: “The sun is God. Everyone can see that.”

Your cousin is your Animus (von Franz “ . . leads you to the SELF/to God.”) in this dream. He is a beautiful poet. But “separation” has murdered him. This separation represents varied public conditions that build like layers on the ancient consciousness or those which divide us, but more pertinent to you life, you are naturally separated in life from your “astral husband” when you are young because you have to leave that part of yourself behind to become a mature person and to make your way in the world. Then at one point your world work is established (work, kids, etc.), it (he, your cousin – the Animus which calls you to the city of God) calls you back. You find the holistic spiritual state that you left behind – transfigured, not the authoritarian institution of childhood (the teachings are for mature adults) but inherently rich in spiritual character and your poet cousin - desiccated in the tough everyday is transformed to his astral body. He is your ancient counterpart in space/time. He has always been with you and will always be with you. (I had dreams of a female equivalent and I was called “husband.”) July ’97. Did you see Hale-Bopp? It hovered above my barn for a month every morning when I went out to feed my sheep. The Hale-Bopp comet was in Feb. 1997. Technically, that was the beginning of the new zodiac constellation – the Age of Aquarius. No one believes in this but Jung did. (The Platonic months are 2,000 years in length and the last one started with the birth of the Christ – Christ was actually born in February, 3 B.C., exactly 2,000 years before Hale-Bopp.). When we have driven east in Canada at night – and it must be more so on the high road where you live - the night sky is transcendent. –

Miss3: Quote:

In my dream experience I felt the Templar I dreamed about was a timeless spirit of some sort. I understand that stretches peoples belief systems but I know what I know.

I'd like to hear more about this if you feel like sharing. All I know about the Templars is what I read in a book that had literally fallen before me and I couldn't resist it. The book was "The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail," about the Rennes le Chateau mystery. It definitely captured my interest, but that was a while ago. I have heard of the Da Vinci code, is it not along the lines of Rennes le Chateau? I must read the thread under BOOKS.

When I was about 8 or 9 I found an ad at the end of a magazine and, absolutely captivated, I filled out the coupon and passed it on to my mom, but she said I couldn't join the Rosicrucions. (She said something about it being against our religion and it being scary etc...) I've often wondered about it.

As for Hale-Bopp, I can't remember, and I find that strange because all things in the sky fascinated me then as does now. It was a difficult time for me then and my journal entries only begin in July. Wait, I just remembered something! About that time I saw something flash in the sky from my bedroom window. I even went to get my son to see if he'd see anything but by then it had gone. From my bed I didn't have a direct view of the sky but what I saw was a light (like a star) that appeared to get closer (or larger) and suddenly it expanded into a diamond shape and poof - it was gone! I saw this on a few more occasions and because no one else saw it I began wondering if I was seeing things. (I also dreamed of this and other star formations, such as a winged horse, a unicorn, a witch. Sometimes it was planets in alignment. Once all the planets were aligned perfectly.)

The night sky here is marvellous, another thing I missed on my trips to Toronto. A favourite past-time here is laying on lawn chairs at night watching aurora borealis or the meteor showers.

I had a wonderful dream about anima/animus once and I think I will post it later under Angela's thread "Soul Mates."

I can't wait until the end of the month, going on a book buying spree and will try to get Black Elk Speaks as well as many other suggested readings.

Flyingsnake: – I rememember those Rosecruchine ads in the back of magazines I saw in the barber shop –“cosmic consciousness” they said. I believe Jung carved the sign of the Rosecrucians on his stonework in Bolingen. He also carved the flying horse – Pegasus, the agent of Aquarius. A few more thoughts on the Templars if you like. I can only say so much because no one would believe it. At the time I was a college administrator in North Carolina and when I started having these dreams (’94-’97) a bunch of college students started hanging out in my office and at my home and barn where I was painting pictures of the dreams. They thought it was a hoot as they were still young enough to appreciate things they couldn’t understand without their belief systems being threatened, so I was lucky to have someone to talk to about these things at the time. Templar dream: I had a dream that a man on a horse was riding toward my “house” – my House was a round door in an old castle – my SELF, so the dream implies something coming from the outside to the SELF. You often see this in pictures of Jesus holding a light and coming to a door like this. This man had someone else on the back of the horse with him all in black. He casually climbed off the horse and came to the door of the castle. The dream ended there because at just that moment my four-year old son came into our bedroom and was troubled. He had had a dream at that same moment that had deeply religious significance. So these two dreams were connected. It was as if the man on the horse had “brought” the dream to my son through my dream. The man on the horse was a very popular public figure who died 20-some years ago. I researched the dream and found the pictures of the Templars which were always symbolized by “two on a horse.” I didn’t know anything about the Templars and back then there was little contemporary writing about them. But they are very similar to the Jedi Knights in the Star Wars movies. The Jedi’s I believe are actually based on Lao Tu’s “knights of dark and mysterious conscequences” in the Tao te Ching; “knight scholars” who travel in the unconscious and act in the conscious world at the same time. Like the Jedi knights, the Templars are guided by a woman in white; the Triple Goddess in her first phase (youth). That the man on the horse was a contemporary figure in my generation I thought was interesting. To understand these dreams I began reading Tibetan Buddhism which talks about space/time in a similar vein as Jung and Pauli – the Greek Orthodox idea of “chronos” time as well (roughly all time is a feature of one moment – this moment – rather than all bits of time all lined up in a row) – I thought to understand these dreams you had to come to understand that the Christ, for example, if the Christ was an avatar, lived in space/time and the part of his everyday life 2,000 years ago was largely irrelevant. (I am not a practicing Christian but I was raised RC – and my children were dreaming of Jesus. This had to be space/time events that the child under the age of six – or maybe just some children - would naturally enter into in dreams.) Likewise, I began to feel that agents like the Knights Templar appear to work on the unconscious today from the outside of one’s SELF – that our moment in time is no different than any other historical moment. The strangest thing about this series of dreams, which was often comical, was that a certain set of coincidences began to happen: for about a month period, time and time again, people came into my office wearing a cast or a brace on their right foot. “What happened to your foot,” I’d ask. And they always had a different answer. And people kept coming in in distress saying “ . . . sorry I’m late but the water broke in my bathroom.” Seems like everybody I knew had their pipes broken. A few years later we took the family to Chicago for Christmas on Dec. 31 – 2000 – and I was completing a recollection of these dreams in a lobby of a hotel at 4 am. Just then water started pouring through the ceiling – something had broken in a bathroom upstairs, and the clerks began running around furiously to repair it. Most of these dreams concerned a figure with leafs all around his head – the Green Man. The Templars were the last agents to hold together the Original Myths and Stories of the European people and the New Testament before Christianity took a new tack. One of their temples in Rosslyn, Scotland has over 120 carvings of the Green Man and only one of Jesus. I felt I was experiencing these Original Stories and they were being brought to my dreams by agents from the unconscious. I also came to understand the rabbi’s insight that the Gods hide in Low Places – it is not the High Priest but the lowly monk who finds god. William Butler Yeats, by the way, has a nice story of a unicorn like you mentioned – in his book Mythologies, which is hard to find and out of print, I think. He has a story of a unicorn, born to a prostitute in a Paris slum, as the avatar of Aquarius.

Miss3: Just for the fun of it I checked my dream recorded for December 31, 2000 and I found that I dreamt I was in a lobby of a strange hotel/resort. I was waiting for a ride with other stranded passengers and the person who was going to drive us his name was something like Glen, but I had just missed him and now we were supposed to walk back to town. At the desk in the lobby I began experiencing chest pains and the receptionist asked me if I was okay. I told her I had liver problems then my son woke me up. (I recorded 4 other dreams that night, including a recurring experience of darkness which I wrote about in another post.)

When I dream sometimes I get a name but my half-awake self (I often record my dreams in a semi-conscious state) sometimes spells things as they sound or exactly as they are written but far from what they sound. With this in mind I dreamt of a figure with a green-leafed hat, his name I recorded as Disquart. But I had once known his human name although I'd forgotten it. This name was what he was known as in his dimension. There's much more to this dream but was just curious about the name.

Fllyingsnake: Disquart – DeCoursy? It is a pen name I use sometime – my matriarchal line from France (Parthalon Flyingsnake DeCoursy – my kids helped make up the other parts). Maybe we met in space time. (I have met others who were strangely artists from Seattle and Vancouver where I’ve never been.) That hotel in Chicago was a nice moment; I am always happy when I am working while my wife and babies are sleeping upstairs – I was aware that it was in regular calendar time the very last evening of the Age of Pisces and the first day of the Age of Aquarius opening up ahead. And I was on the shore of the Manitou – the Great Lakes, spirit of the earth in Native culture – virtually the center of the world as it opened up before us – North, South, East and West in the new millenium. Very nice Green Man picture – man with a green hat from a different dimension. I’m off for a week or so – to the mountains in North Carolina and Virginia to bring the young ‘uns to see kin. By the way - chest pains and stressed liver - that sounds familiar. I am in good health but when I was young I was a night person - lungs especially - had several lung operations due to smoking in '76 thereabouts.

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