Saturday, October 29, 2005

Dream of John Lennon/Knights Templar

Letter to Fiorella Dorotea Gentile, Italian photojournalist 2004: I would pass along a thought to you. I recently gave this to Uri Geller who was friends with John Lennon in his last days in New York. Uri thought it was an amazing story and so do I.

Between 1992 and 1994 I was living with my family on a farm in North Carolina and working at a local college as a staff writer for their magazine and when my wife was pregnant with our third and fourth children I had an astonishing series of dreams. In one of the dreams John Lennon came to my "castle" - this was an old Medieval castle with a round wooden door - I knew it was the gateway to my Self (a Jung/Hindu term meaning the dominant director of the psyche) - he was riding on a horse and there was someone else on the horse with him, a Dark Figure, in shadow. John got off the horse and came to the door. Then I woke up. It was a Great Dream, more a vision, like many of the dreams I had in that period. I went to the library at the college I worked at and learned that the sign of two on a horse is the sign of the Knights Templar, the spiritual warriors of the 12th and 13th century, devotees of the White Goddess - the Earth Mother and the old ways, but Christian mystics as well (the Rosslyn Chapel of the Templars in Edinborough, for example has 120 some carvings of the Green Man and only one of Jesus). The archetype of two on a horse represents a mystic warrior who lived in the everyday world, but was motivated by the Dark Figure from the Unconscious who is the second rider (translated into Hindu terms (sanscrit), Dark One means Krishna - it is the avatar or cosmic guru who motivates the human agent).

I told this to Uri and as he seemed sincere in an essay he posted on-line about a golden nugget John gave to him, I told him the rest of the story. I'd never told anyone else this part of the story: just as I woke up from this dream by four-year-old son Tom came in from the other room, crying because he had had a bad dream. Just as I was dreaming of John on the horse, my little boy had a dream - he was crying because he dreamed that he had cuts in the palm of his hands and he was putting his fingers into the cuts. We did not raise our children in a Christian tradition and I am Tibetan Buddhist in orientation. My son did not know that a cut on the palm of the hand was the sign of the Christ, nor did he know that looking into the cut was the sign of St. Thomas. Uri is an Israeli and he understood the connection. John believed he was "channeling Jesus" and said so to the Beatles (see "A Day in a Life" by The New Yorker writer Mark Hertsgaard). This phenomenon is perhaps best explained by psychiatrist David Rosen at Texas A & M in his book, "The Tao of Elvis." In a word, the Christ is a time/space being. In my experience, so is John Lennon. I've had many synchronicities with him. As Uri said, "I know he's here watching us."

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