Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Appendix 1: Pictures

If you Google "Parthalon Flyingsnake DeCoursy," a name my kids helped make up, about 10 pages come up which interpret Surrealist paintings as dreams, much as they were conceived in the collective state of Unconscious in which these artists worked together and alone. (Or go to this Surrealist website and click on the pictures.) For example: two eggs - Man Ray, Magritte and Dali all had this dream and so did I and many others - a symbol of the New Creation in the Hindu, but not yet Awakened - pictured as a statue of Khrishna holding two eggs (wu chi - unhatched or unmanifest karma - later they will become two birds in a tree, or yin and yang, the life force manifest in tai chi). This picture of man and bird above on the left relates to the famous picture with the Green Apple face - the Son of Man on the right. Here at left he has a white tie, implying an inner condition, while the spirit bird flies to the left of frame, also the direction of the inner condition. In Son of Man the tie is red, implying an outward manifestation of the same condition (consider this to be an expression of wu chi and tai chi, and the moment of turning from the inner unmanifest condition to the outer condition of coming into the world at the date of these two paintings, 1964). This is discussed earlier at the beginning of these journals in the entry titled: Orange Monk: Salvador Dali's Dream of The Second Coming of Christ apparently as a Buddhist monk.

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