Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Never a tired driver passed the wooden cross, I am sure, without wishing well to the sleeper. - Willa Cather

To discuss Freedom is to Be Free
. Likewise, to discuss Torture, is to enter Slavery. America is an Awakening land, an Enlightenment culture and the Land of the Free. One day we will again be a slave culture. But not today. Those who bring up the topic of torture for discussion (they seem to favor life in the LA newspaper) will soon descend to the Hole of Shame and Nothingness from which they have come sputtering forth. Consider that their life force was not, never was, can never be, strong enough to get a purchase in the Land of the Free. Instead, at Christmas feel
the Joy of the Season and consider only this until January 6: Will Dr. House end up with Dr. Cuddy? ‘Tis a no brainer: The Marriage of Logos and Eros. The question is not if but when. This season or next? Coming after Christmas: The Three Celestial Ones - from Notes from the Land of the Dead, in progress. Other quiet and introverted adventures from the same work-in-progress: The Aquarian Mandala - East meets West in Chicago and the Lakes Region, The Death of the Earth Mother, on the death of my mother, The Return of the Earth Mother, on the birth of my daughter, Notes on Dreams, including the all important chi factor of who you are and where you dream, and Waiting for Arnold. Madame Blavatsky predicted that California would be conduit to the East and would Awaken a new age in the West. But is Arnold the Aquarian?

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