Friday, January 27, 2006

Note to Death Mother

In Rebbe's Farewell I mentioned that Stephen Spielberg's Jaws is a Quaternity movie; Father, Son, Holy Spirit and Mary (who represents Psyche/feminine). But in Jaws, the Ocean is the Psyche/feminine figure animated by her dangerous and toothy shark persona (vagina dentata), as Ocean very generally represents yin consciousness & Psyche in dreams. This is Death Mother like those (discussed here) in The Three Sisters (Mother Kali below from Exotic india Art. Jaws brings a specific relevance: the 50s brought space fear and UFO dreams and all space movies were hostile encounters. Spielberg brought harmony and psychic awakening to the Universe encounter in Close Encounters and E.T. But away from home in the Stars, alienation and an "out of place" feeling arose for the natural environment, Earth and Ocean (perhaps we went to space to escape Mother) - thus the Toothy Mother. Lucas brought equilibrium in space (Star Wars) for 30 years. But then at the end of the millenium we returned to earth and then the pop culture was filled with "fear of earth" movies (Cave, Reign of Fire, the epic tv drama Lost and Survivor and all of its spinoffs). As in the early UFO days when we went to space, return brought psychic encounters again, this time with earth in Tolkein's Rings movies and Harry Potter, (discussed in Returning) when space was left behind. My guess is that J.J. Abrams's creative popular hit Lost is a Gatekeeper and this theme will extend for decades, as Star Trek and Star Wars did.

Also failed . . .

I also failed to mention in The Three Sisters (Palma Vecchio painting here, 1520, their last days) that the general consideration of Quaternity is almost always three males and a female, but the Three Sisters (the Triple Goddess) form their own Quaternity as well; maiden, mother, wise woman, and the boy child – the Star Child – born every year of the Winter Solstice. (Graves, The White Goddess). The Yellow Emperor, 27th century BC, who founded ancient Taoism, was accompanied by three female deities.)It is my consideration that this, not the other, is the essential Quaternity of the English-speaking peoples. The boy child can be a satry or Traveller, or avatar – my astonishing Australian dreamer recently had such a dream. (Note: the four & four = the Ba Gua, featured as a portal above in the entries on Lost.)

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